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Title : Yggdrasil no Kajitsu ( A Fruit of Yggdrasil ) ( ユグドラシルの果実 )
Author: Mutsuki Lay ( 睦月 れい )

This sroty is playing to MMORPG (Yggdrasil). Old ".hack" and for recent "Summer Wars". I think, every locale is MMORPG that company dominates the world.

Story is a person caused the incident and result in order to build his ideal world. Hero was a famous person in Yggdrasil. So, he was involved in the case and resolve. Such a position.

Ultimately, the case has now triggered to evolve Yggdrasil. But I do not like to do it. Around that inconvenience. To proceed on the subject matter and online game, it seems cheap to me. Go to the collapse of the world in the story, If anyone reset the server will end well. Therefore, I feel interesting little.

2010 next year. But do not release that MMORPG more than Yggdrasil. "The World" as well.

Yggdrasil no Kajitsu
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